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Here’s what the experts say about Expert Witness:

“Dr. Bertrand’s comprehensive proposals for health care reform seek to resolve a number of medical-legal issues plaguing America’s civil courts, and he offers sound and practical advice for anyone unfamiliar with attorney tactics and the judicial system.”

Denton A. Cooley, M.D.
President and Surgeon-in-Chief
Texas Heart Institute, Houston, Texas

“Dr. Bertrand is the most convincing medical expert I have encountered....”

Francis P. Bensel
Martin, Clearwater & Bell
New York, New York

Expert Witness is a terrific read.”

Wesley Curry
Managing Editor, Book Publishing
The American College of Physician Executives

“Many forces, such as managed care, are changing the health care system in the United States. Dr. Bertrand's personal experiences, together with his keen insights, make this book important, fascinating reading, and very timely.”

Roger G. Dvorak
President, Lawrence Hospital
Bronxville, New York

“In today’s society where malpractice suits and volume of litigious matters are becoming commonplace, Americans should pause, and read, Expert Witness.”

Cartha D. DeLoach
Deputy Director (Ret)
Federal Bureau of Investigation

...just in time to coincide with Congress’ deliberations about federal law that protects managed care from malpractice claims in state courts and with a national promotion of Dr. Bertrand’s views on this important issue.

Why the interest in managed care?

Because of federal law enacted in 1974, HMOs and managed care providers are protected from being sued by patients for malpractice in state courts, and malpractice awards are severely limited in federal courts.

Congress will revisit this issue after Labor Day.

Charles A. Bertrand’s Expert Witness provides a unique perspective on the issue of medical liability and managed care, and the cost of medical malpractice.

We expect that Expert Witness’ general and professional audience will include the more than 150 million Americans who have health insurance plans based on the HMO and managed care model..

The appeal of Expert Witness to anyone who has ever contemplated suing his physician is large.

Professionals--nurses, physicians and lawyers--are special markets for Expert Witness, because Dr. Bertrand exposes a critical area of medical practice including the liability potential in managed care.

Congress took up the issue of managed care after Labor Day because, under the 1974 ERISA statute, managed care providers cannot be sued for malpractice in state courts.

Dr. Bertrand argues that, in fact, managed care is prone to malpractice because it rations care, and that every citizen should have the right to sue his doctor.

The annual cost of the malpractice industry is $50 billion--averaging about $500,000 per settlement--without managed care. What will happen when Congress removes ERISA protections from the managed care industry?

Turmoil in managed care can be expected in the near future until the medical malpractice system itself is reformed, and substitutes for managed care become available, including medical savings plans.

Unlike many other countries, including our northern neighbor, Canada, the United States has been shaped by our American tendency to see things in terms of the law, of rights, and of infringements. This tends to make medical practice extremely costly--to the patient; to the practicing physician, hospitals, and all medical professionals.

Perhaps Expert Witness’ hardest-hitting chapter addresses the quality of medical care that so many Americans receive in managed care programs.

Dr. Bertrand argues that the medical care practiced in Health Maintenance Organizations is dangerously prone to malpractice claims.

If American health care is being taxed $50 billion annually for malpractice, what may be done to change the system in ways that will lower costs?

With decades of experience as an expert witness, Dr. Bertrand offers a prescription of six simple reforms that will transform a system that has become self-destructive into one that serves patients and allows, doctors, nurses and hospitals that administer to our health needs, the freedom to practice without the threat of frivolous malpractice claims.

Often the simplest answers are the best, and these six reforms could make the difference between reasonable costs and the decline of medical care that is occurring as a result of medical malpractice awards.

Dr. Bertrand’s prescriptions for reform begin with a call for reform of the ways that we select state judges.

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This book was featured in the October 1998 issue of Consumer Research.

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